The University Reference Management System is a system designed to improve the quality of references written by schools to support their students' university applications. It achieves this by enabling subject teachers, who have knowledge of their students' strengths, to write specific and detailed sections of the reference. This is then combined with comments from the tutor, along with any other general information that the school adds to all its references.

Schools using the system have also experienced significant improvements in administering the reference writing process. At any given moment it is clear to see which references need to be written by subject teachers and tutors, and which completed.

Key Features:

  • Web-based, so can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet in school or at home - or any other web-enabled device!
  • Requires no installation of any software or plug-ins.
  • Little training required for teachers - most work from this help sheet.
  • Can be set up 'on-demand' or as a reporting session. When on-demand, teachers are only asked to write references when a student completes their university application.
  • Tutors can read comments written by subject teachers before writing their section.
  • Teachers can be sent email reminders when references need to be written to save them logging in to check.
  • Faculties or departments can upload guidance notes for teachers to refer to when writing a reference.

Don't take our word for it

Comments from a school that used the system for the first time last year:

'...a significant positive impact on the quality and efficiency of the UCAS process...'

'...has enabled the 6th Form management team to keep a greater track of progress for both staff and students at all stages...'

'...ease of the system to set-up and use, alongside the exceptional support from you and your team has aided further...'

'...we cannot remember how we coped previously and as a result I would recommend the university reference management system to any institution that is involved in processing UCAS applications...'

J Davenport Deputy Headteacher, Ousedale School

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